Juego Boxbrawl Delivery!:

Arcade, 1 jugador, Plataformas, Obstáculos, Saltos, HTML5, Retro, Pixel | Fecha en que se añadió 08 May 2023
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Boxbrawl Delivery is the ultimate delivery service game where players get to run, jump, grab, and brawl their way through the town to deliver packages. As Carter, the deliveryman for Zaplift, your job is to deliver the goods on time and with great care to earn a good tip and customer satisfaction. However, there are plenty of obstacles standing in your way, from pesky pests to challenging terrain, and even your co-worker Carrie who’s keeping a close eye on the inventory. It’s up to you to use your skills and quick reflexes to ensure that the packages are delivered intact and on time. With every successful delivery, you’ll earn high ratings from your customers, but a single mistake could result in a bad review. Do you have what it takes to become the best deliveryman in the business and satisfy the town’s demands? Play Boxbrawl Delivery and find out!

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Boxbrawl Delivery!
Boxbrawl Delivery!
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