Juego Ded Guy:

1 jugador, Disparos, Aventura, Ficción interactiva, Trampas, Plataformas, Esqueletos, Obstáculos, Arma, Saltos, Html 5, Gratis, Pixel | Fecha en que se añadió 11 May 2020
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    Come Out From Grave

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Ded Guy is a free platform game. For gamers who thought being alive was tough, we present De-Guy, a game about coming back from the dead and trying to avenger yourself with nothing but your ability to run, jump and use a gun. In Ded Guy you literally must crawl yourself out of your grave and drag your skeleton body through multiple puzzling levels of varying difficulty. First, you'll have to master the fine art of using the space-bar to dig out of your grave. The run, jump and realize the limitations of your own skeletal body. Then just as you have it all figured out it is time to pull the mystical revolver out of the stone. Like King Arthur and Excalibur, you'll have to use the space bar to yank the gun-free and then it is game on.

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Ded Guy
Ded Guy
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