Juego Happy Tree Friends - Strandead:

1 jugador, Sangre, Gore, Habilidad con el ratón, Animales, Violencia, Android, HTML5, Gratis, Dibujos Animados, Móvil, iPhone, iPad, Pantalla táctil | Fecha en que se añadió 16 Jan 2020
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It takes guts to play Strandead the new Happy Tree Friends HTML5 game! Do you have what it takes?
Sniffles, Giggles, Lumpy, Lifty, Shifty, Flaky, Flippy and Handy are all stuck on a deserted island. Sniffles then comes up with the idea to launch themselves across the sea in order to get to safer land by using a giant slingshot to propel themselves and a fire extinguisher as a jet pack. Once they gather all the necessary equipment and finish constructing the slingshot, everybody looks over to Giggles, on whom they suggest as using for their test subject.

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Happy Tree Friends - Strandead
Happy Tree Friends - Strandead
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