Juego Knock Off:

1 jugador, Deportes, Balón, Habilidad con el ratón, Obstáculos, Fútbol, 3D, Gratis, Unity3D, WebGL, Voxel | Fecha en que se añadió 08 Sep 2019
  • Shoot ball
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In Knock Off, you play as a football team member. Your coach is really a professional and that's why he is trying to invent new methods to improve the performance of his team. This is one of them. Your task will be to launch the ball on obstacles in front of you. Of course, the goal will be to throw away all the objects from the board. In addition, try to hit the target for which you get a bonus. You can also try to hit bombs or other explosives. Attention you have to put on the number of balls, there is not an unlimited amount, so try from the beginning to aim as accurately, otherwise you have to repeat the level. Let's do this!

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Knock Off
Knock Off
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