Juego MiniMissions:

Arcade, Volar, Fuego, Caballero, Espacio, Nave espacial, Golf, Habilidad con el ratón, Zombi, Ninjas, Carreras, Aeronaves, Aliens, Boxeo, Obstáculos, Tenis, Tanques, Animales, Running, Saltos, Vaquero, Android, HTML5, Móvil, iPhone, iPad, Pantalla táctil, Pixel | Fecha en que se añadió 24 Jan 2020
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MiniMissions is a wonderful set of small games. In fact, this entire collection of minigames is a huge game where every minigame is a mission that you need to complete. The idea is to progress as much as possible and win while completing the most missions that you can.
You will like the way it works, and the experience itself can be among some of the best every time. It's important to try and test your skills, since there are tons of amazing things to do and challenges to pursue here. This is a game where you will always try to be the best, but that comes with its fair share of unique challenges.

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