Juego Pirate Bartender Captain's Grog:

1 jugador, Simulación, Graciosos, Android, HTML5, Móvil, iPhone, iPad, Pantalla táctil, Pirata, Juegos Locos | Fecha en que se añadió 06 Oct 2023
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Welcome aboard Pirate Bartender Captain's Grog! Prepare to set sail on a rollicking adventure. Get ready to mix drinks fit for a captain and unleash the laughter of the rowdiest crew on the high seas! In this hilarious game, your goal is to concoct the perfect grog by following the pirate's orders and mixing the ingredients in the right order. Master the art of mixology, and watch as even the fiercest pirate captains raise their mugs in approval! But beware! A single misstep in your mixing can lead to calamity. Mix the ingredients in the wrong order, and you'll face outrageous mishaps like being snatched by a kraken's tentacle or even meeting a watery demise. Embark on this rib-tickling adventure and let the humorous side of pirate life shine as you create a tavern that attracts the funniest and fiercest crew on the seven seas! Prepare to shake, stir, and sail your way through an uproarious mixology journey. Have fun playing this wine mixing funny pirate adventure game here at Y8.com!

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Pirate Bartender Captain's Grog
Pirate Bartender Captain's Grog
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