Juego Stealth Hunter:

1 jugador, Flash, Adrenalina | (1.19 MB) Fecha en que se añadió 29 Dec 2006
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  • Movement
    Wall Press
    Snap Neck / Tap on Wall / Use
  • Place C4
    Detonate C4
  • Quick Restart

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In this 2006 Flash action game in isometric view, you play as a secret agent in missions of infiltrating a building, whose goal is to succeed in each mission by reaching each arrival point without being detected by the enemy.

Use the arrow keys to move. The Space key is used to perform actions. The Z key to drop a bomb and the X key to detonate it when you are away from it. The R key restarts the mission.
Move to the final square to move on to the next event.
In order to remain stealthy in your movements, you must lean against the walls and walk along them. You can move the crates by getting behind while moving forward.

Can you finish the game without being spotted?

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Stealth Hunter
Stealth Hunter
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